About us


The AMPIO company was established in 1997. It all started with creating alarm systems for the automotive industry. Thanks to gained experience, we quickly became one of the largest Polish producers of car alarms. In the meantime, we produced various types of electronic equipment, including devices for PKP, Szczecin Shipyard, Media Markt and many other companies.

The company name

Our name is a combination of the words 'amplituner' and 'input/output'.
The idea of ​​creating a smart home system was born around 2000. Our minds already had an idea of ​​the impact such solutions could have on the quality of life. At that time, hardly anyone in our country thought about it. In Europe, there were no formal standards in this field yet. That was when the KNX standard started the standardization process, and it did not exist under its current name yet.

In 2007, the idea of ​​creating an innovative and user-friendly system was born. Our solutions are based on CAN technology, developed over 30 years ago by BOSCH. It is used daily in hundreds of millions of installations for automotive, aviation, and industry worldwide. Currently, Ampio Smart Home is one of the few systems that are an alternative to the powerful KNX.

Our values







The main objective of our team was to create a reliable and safe system, which would be open to integration. We base our values on experience that we gained from our earlier projects and our cooperation with various experts from all around the world.

Our vision

The first stages of the company's development were based primarily on meeting our own expectations regarding our houses and apartments. Our solutions have been tested many times in our places of residence. That is why we create our automation systems so that they meet our customers' expectations and are available at an affordable price.


We design and manufacture the best quality devices, which are reliable and stable. Our smart home currently consists of several dozen elements of various types.

We use the best class components and avoid the weakest elements in the field of electronic devices construction. All elements undergo a very rigorous selection already at the design stage.

Our smart home does not have a central unit present in most automation systems and is their weakest point. Its failure disables practically all the functions we wanted to achieve when we decided to implement such a solution. It is for this reason that we have created a distributed system where each device works independently.

Ampio Smart Home is extremely flexible and scalable. The development of our system installation does not have to end with the completion of the installation work. The system can be supplemented and configured later.

We are constantly striving to develop in line with the expectations of the market and our customers. It is thanks to them that we can increase the capabilities of the Ampio system.

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